Vertical integration and specialization, at the heart of the growth strategy of the agri-food sector

Sanam Holding Group operates in the agri-food industry through the sub-holding company Sanam Agro, which combines a number of businesses in perfect interaction with their ecosystem. 

The agri-food sector includes approximately forty subsidiaries whose range of businesses, together with the intragroup complementarity and synergies that have developed among them, perfectly illustrate the strategies of vertical integration and specialization.

The organization of this sector is based on two major structures: on the one hand, the Unimer Group affiliate, which is responsible for the production and commercialization of seafood products. And on the other hand, the plant foods and local market sector, which is structured around 6 lines of business: sauces and condiments, marinated vegetables, drinks, frozen fruits, fresh products and logistics.

The Sanam Agro Group offers its partners excellent product diversity and associated services adapted to their needs. It is also characterized by a very extensive network across the national territory, and by a vast presence and broad referencing at the international level.


A strategy of diversification and integration of seafood products lines

As the number 1 seafood products company in Morocco, Unimer Group is part of the Sanam Agro galaxy of agri-foods businesses. It is positioned among the top Moroccan exporters of preserved sardines and anchovies, and dedicates 90% of its business to exports.

The company brings together 6000 employees, leads a group of subsidiaries within Morocco and abroad, and attributes its success to several key factors: a strong innovation culture, building consumer loyalty, expanding markets, and forging new partnerships.

Unimer Group was founded in June 1973 as a result of the merger of several preserved-fish companies. Over the next five decades, the Group took on a new dimension by diversifying its business sectors, reaching a high growth rate by carrying out top-tier strategic mergers.

Two key dates mark the history of the Unimer Group: the year 2001, when it was first listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, and 2012, when its scope of activities came to focus exclusively on seafood products lines.

Its production units are in Morocco, but also in France and Peru. Its distribution network is very dynamic at the international level, with its own business offices domiciled in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Monaco and Spain. Its brand portfolio is powerful, coherent, and balanced, and it creates synergies between production, distribution and communication.

Our business lines

Our Brands

The Titus brand, which became a label of quality after 80 years in existence, holds a privileged place on the national and international market.

Titus is a product accessible to all budgets, in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the mark is a leader in several countries thanks to an excellent quality/price ratio.

Titus has received numerous distinctions such as the 2014 Morocco Awards for the brand with the best growth internationally, and the OMPI and African Product Awards for international brand of the year.


The La Monégasque brand was created in 1942 in Monaco and became part of the Unimer Group a few decades later. It has become a true quality benchmark on the international seafood products market.

A broad range of products has since been developed that reflects ancestral traditions.

The Vanelli mark comes from a long line of Italian salt-cured anchovy makers. While diversifying its range, Vanelli has also succeeded in carrying forward the anchovy tradition and maintaining its authentic brand.


An overall strategy made up of several sector-specific strategies

This business line was dedicated to a specific sector, as part of a strategy of specializing in plant foods and the local market.

The Sanam Agro Group is also engaged in an external grown policy and an overall strategy adapted for each business sector.

Sanam Agro Group is capitalizing on the expertise, innovation, quality, commitment and synergy of each of its entities in order to create value.

The strength of the Group lies in the impact of its market power.

It brings together a high-performance and highly qualified team, more than 300 sales representatives strong, working with a database powered by thousands of points of sale and providing total coverage at the national level in both modern and traditional distribution networks.

The group enables its partners to access its massive resources in terms of storage spaces, vehicle fleets, and logistical platforms across the entire Kingdom.

The main business brands are Pikarome, Ice, Top olives, King Génération, La Monégasque, Vanelli …


Sauces and Condiments

After starting in 1936, successive partnerships between small companies led, in the 1990s, to a decisive change for VCR, which began to diversify its business, developing its sales on the national market with the launch of new marks like Vima and Pikarome, which cater to the Moroccan consumer, and beginning to conquer the African, European and American markets. Today, VCR offers a vast range of sauces and condiments.

Marinated Vegetables

Created in 2003 in the Agadir region by the Vanelli group, and then acquired by the group in 2008, the Beldiva company specializes in the transformation and preparation of vegetables. Beldiva’s modern facilities enabled the development of a varied and innovative palette of transformed products destined for the Moroccan and international markets: puréed vegetable sauces, tapenades, and new manufactured products that have enriched the existing product line.

Carbonated Drinks

Founded in 2003 and then bought by the Group in 2010, Sodalmu is a company specializing in the production and commercialization of carbonated drinks under the ICE brand, and bottled water under the Mazine brand. With its high-performance, fully automated modern production tools, Sodalmu has risen to become a leader on the national soda market. Thanks to its logistics and its distribution platforms throughout the Kingdom, Sodalmu products are available in large and medium-sized stores and through traditional networks.

Frozen Fruits

To meet the diverse needs of its many clients (manufacturers of jams, pastries, yogurts…), F3&V adopted a policy of total control of raw materials quality through a controlled supply from its own, “Global Gap”-certified orchards or from producers selected and approved by its customers.

Fresh and Frozen Products

A pioneer and leader in the distribution of frozen products in Morocco, King Generation has specialized for more than 20 years in importing fresh, frozen and marinated products and distributing them on the local market, destined for all the segments of modern distribution and non-residential dining. The King Generation offer consists of fresh and frozen products and marinated products arrayed between two ranges: “mass market” and “professional.”

Logistical Platform

Created in 2009, Logicold is one of the leaders in cold-chain logistics in Morocco. Refrigerated warehouses enable the storage of 4000 pallets in positive and negative temperatures at the Nouasseur airport, 25km from the port of Casablanca, 5 km from the Tangier-Marrakesh highway and 15 km from the Casablanca-Rabat exit.